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Tips for buying your first condo

Tips for buying your first condo

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Nowadays, numerous of high-rise residential developments are appearing such as condominiums and other mixed-development towers. Most of them are resort-inspired residences with luxurious amenities and facilities. Condominium or Condo is a building which contains a number of individually owned apartment or units. It is popular for home buyers who are looking for a top-notch amenities. Some people prefer condominium over a homes for sale or a property for sale because condo units require less maintenance. Home buying is undoubtedly complicated, so we enlisted some tips for you on buying your first condo.


  • Assess your financial capacity – Determine whether your financial capacity can cover up the expenses of buying a condo unit. Before buying a condo make sure that you are financially ready.


  • Determine the Location – Location can affect many aspects of your daily life and the future value of the property. Determine whether the property for sale is near from important establishments such as schools, hospitals, and your workplace. Determine whether it is accessible via public or private transport.


  • Choose the type of Condo – Choose your ideal condo unit that will suit your lifestyle and needs.


  • Look for the right developer & agent – If you are thinking of buying a condo, always find a trusted and reputable developers. Make sure they have a solid reputation & portfolio. You can ask for their license or do a background check.


  • Attend a unit viewing – Photos and descriptions sometimes can be deceiving. It is best to attend unit viewing so that you can personally inspect the unit. You can also take this opportunity to ask your agent some questions about the unit.


  • Inquire about the association dues & other fees – Before buying your first condo, ask the homeowner’s association regarding the association dues to make sure you can afford this extra payment. Association dues are monthly fees paid by residents.


  • Explore the Amenities – Explore and check what amenities and facilities they have. Amenities are added bonus in acquisition of a condo unit.


  • Understand the House Rules & Regulation – Rules & regulations are strictly implemented on condo units to maintain privacy, peace, and security.


These are just some few tips we made for you to help you out on buying your first condo. After all, investing money on a Real estate which is not worth it is a waste of money. But worry not, because we are introducing you to The Bridge Cambodia Oxley. It is one of the best condo in Cambodia. It has elegant designs and luxurious facilities where you can relax and spend quality time with your family. Additionally, the bridge Cambodia has 762 luxury units. It is the first tallest mixed-development in Cambodia. And was developed jointly by the two trusted developers, Oxley International Holdings Pte Ltd and Worldbridge Land. The bridge’s property for sale are available at reasonable price. There are still units for sale that is available for you. So hurry up and check out website for more informations and details.